The Aston Martin Bulldog was a one-off. It was designed by William Towns, who Aston had brought in, in 1975, to create the new Lagonda. He designed the wedge shape sports car and for it to have gull-wing doors. The car codename DP (development project)k.901, was delayed due to the Lagonda running behind schedule. The car, which was meant to be the flagship of the new in-house engineering team which aimed to bring the Tickford name back into use after 30 years.

That part worked because as a consequence the likes of the Tickford Capri, Frazer Metro etc were produced. The Bulldog , Chassis and interior work was passed to Head engineer Mike Loasby with plans for a launch in concept form featuring a turbo V8 engine at the 1978 Motor Show. The reality was that by October 1978 the car was only half finished and Loasby left to join DeLorean.

The project was shelved and the car ( now known as Canine) was placed in a cordoned off area at the far end of the service department called the Kennel. In 1978 the Kennel was opened and a new engineer, Keith Martin, with a small team finally completed the car in about 12 months. Finally finished and officially named Bulldog.

The car now came with a 5.3 Litre V8 with twin Garrett turbochargers delivering 650BHP and a top speed of 191mph. They had hoped for the magic 200mph. Launched to the press in 1980 to a mixed reception.
The car started out Silver Grey, now a Metallic Green. The interior has also been changed from the original dark brown and black to light tan.