ickford first came to Australia in 1991 when they formed a partnership with Ford Australia to produce high performance Ford range for the Australian market.

Tickford and Ford had worked together before In Europe. On the Capri, Orion, RS200 and the Sierra. Tickford was recommended to Ford Australia by Ford Europe as a great fit for a high performance partner. It turned out Ford Australia had already had some help from Tickford setting up the Ford Laser 4wd Turbo in the mid 80s.
In August 1991 a new company was formed called “Tickford Vehicle Engineering” (TVE) In Melbourne, Australia. Tickford in the UK held a 51% share and Ford Australia a 49% share. It was at 33 Glenbarry Rd Campbellfield, Victoria. Not that far from Ford Australia HQ.
Tickford’s first job In Australia was developing LPG systems and fitting sunroofs to Australian Fords.
The first Australian Ford to receive the “TVE” treatment was the Australian Ford Capri. TVE modified the Capri’s suspension and added an optional turbo, alloy rims and decals.
The “Tickford” Capri was a hit with public. Now TVE new that they could hit the ground running on the Australian Ford Falcon…
Starting from 1992, TVE modified the Falcon 6yl and V8 with performance suspension, brakes and engine upgrades. The “Tickford” Falcons were selected from the production line at Ford, taken to TVE to have performance parts fitted, then returned to Ford and sold at Ford Dealers…
A four round headlight design was added to the Tickford modified Falcons. To make it look different to the standard Falcon.
In 1999 a new Ford factory team called Ford Tickford Racing (FPR) was formed In the Australian touring car championship. Running two Ford Falcon V8s
From 1991-2001 TVE upgraded the EB ED EL and AU Falcon.

n 2002 Tickford was bought by Prodrive UK worldwide and TVE became Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV). Prodrive also bought the race team and Ford Tickford Racing became Ford Performance Racing (FPR).
Ford Performance Vehicles picked up where Tickford’s TVE had left off with the AU Falcon and produced the high- performance upgrades to the Falcon models BA, BF and FG from 2002-2015.

n 2013 Prodrive sold its share in FPV back to Ford Australia and put the FPR race team on the market. It was also announced that local production of the Ford Falcon in Australia would end in October 2016, After 55 years, the Falcon would be no more. Ford also decided with no more Ford Falcon, there would no longer be the FPV brand….
Former touring car drivers, Rod Nash and Rusty French, bought the FPR race team from Prodrive. As Ford Australia slowly withdrew its FPV brand, the Ford Mustang was announced as the replacement for the Falcon on the road and racetrack
Having seen what the FPR/FPV relationship was like, Rod Nash and Rusty French decided they wanted to start a high performance Ford brand to replace FPV and run side by side with the race team.
Rod Nash and Rusty French got permission from Prodrive UK to use the “Tickford” name and re-start Tickford in Australia modifying Fords. The “New Tickford” was reformed late 2016 at the old FPV/FPR site where the race team was still based.
In 2017 the race team was re named “Tickford Racing” and in 2019, the Mustang replaced the aging Falcon on the racetrack, as it had done on the road 2 years earlier.
Now In 2024 Tickford offers performance packs for the Ford Mustang, Everest and Ranger Models. It includes suspension, engine, brake and bodywork enhancements. Its HQ is in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria and it has Tickford Enhancement Centres in every State across Australia. Tickford Racing now has 4 Mustangs in the Australian Supercars Championship with Ford factory support.
Tickford Australia has re connected with Ford, Tickford, TVE and FPV car clubs linked to its former incarnation. Doing everything it can to acknowledge its history.  For further information on the Tickford Mustang, Ranger, Raptor, Everest and F-150 go to www.tickfordperformance.com.au