The first production run of the Metros was carried out by Tickford used the Metro 1.3S as the basis for the Frazer, which increased the cost from approx. £4000 to £12000. 


There were only 26 of these cars produced, three of which were left hand drive. 


The base colour was silver, however it was buyers choice and examples in red, black, blue, bronze, green as well as silver have been spotted.  The cars were very striking as the colour darkens into a dark grey/black towards the bottom of the car. The Frazer had a full leather interior, usually grey with or without red piping. which included the door panels, rear parcel shelf and the much modified wrap-round dashboard. Wilton carpets covered the floor and bottom of the door panels. 


The dash had a stack stereo, electric window switches and extra instrumentation along with cruise control. Some came with various other extras to order, including electric sunroofs, mirrors and tailgate remote release, one vehicle no 4 was fitted with air conditioning.

The cars were fitted with Porsche style ARC 5.5in wheels shod with 175/50 VR P7 tyres. The car was lowered slightly and fitted with a twin choke Webber carburettor, gas-flowed cylinder head with larger diameter valves, new camshaft and a revised inlet manifold, which raised the output of the engine to 80bhp. A full body-kit was added, within which were mounted 4 fog lights at the front and 2 in the rear.

The second production run used the MG Metro or MG Turbo as the base car.

No modifications were needed to the engines of these and there was a full set of optional extras that could be specified, which could take these cars further up the scale than the Frazer.